Brick and Mortar Judaica Shop Goes Online

Short Description: 

Her kids and grand kids had been telling Mah Tov Gallery proprietor Sara Engel, "You need a web site." She listened. Content2zero was privileged to help turn her vision into reality.

Case Study: 

Sara was clear that she didn't want to have online purchasing, at least to start. But what did she want? She wanted to show off the fine artwork that she sells in the store. Though she may not have wanted to create a shopping cart where customers could transact purchases, she absolutely did want a catalog that that would effectively display the gorgeous pieces that she carries.

It was this desire to create a catalog that led Content2zero to plan for the ultimate evolution of the site to full ecommerce functionality. While it is relatively easy to build a catalog with the Views module, the Ubercart module does it exquisitely well. And with Ubercart, the ultimate migration to a real ecommerce site would be that much easier.

One of the things Content2zero is most excited about regarding the development of the Mah Tov Gallery site is the training we provided for proprietor Sara Engel. Sara is 79 going on 59. She has been an enthusiastic participant the entire way, eager to learn what she had to do to add and edit products on her site. We broke the process down for her by teaching her all the data entry sans the photos first. We added all the photos for the first round of catalog items (mostly using Ubercart's excellent image importer). After Sara mastered the content data entry for the products, we taught her how to grab the photos from her artist provider web sites and then upload them to her gallery site.

Finally, the look of the web site is from a customization of the Sky theme. It looks beautiful and Sara is delighted with it.