Long-term Client Adds CiviCRM Constituent Relationship Management

thumbnail of home page of The Shalom Center Web site
Short Description: 

The Shalom Center Site had lots of content but it needed an updated content management system to better manage it and make staff workflow easier. In addition, Content2zero recently added CiviCRM, an open source constituent relationship management program to allow The Shalom Center to better manage its 15,000 constituents.

Case Study: 

The Shalom Center had been using the Drupal content management system since 2005; they were relatively early adopters. But at the time of hiring Content2zero, they were using an antiquated system and the vast quantity of high quality education materials, were not easily accessible. Content2zero upgraded the site to the most recent version of Drupal, maintaining all the legacy URLs so that search engines would be able to easily find the material, while completely renovating the site organization and navigation.

Content2zero has been supporting, maintaining and upgrading the site ever since. In the Spring of 2012, Content2zero installed the latest version of CiviCRM so that The Shalom Center could move away from it's current constituent management system to better communicate with their donors and readers. In addition, managing donations and sending the e-Newsletter are fully integrated so that constituents can be segmented and attended to according to their interests and responses to various action calls that go out with emails.

Complexity of the CiviCRM install was added to do the large amount of data that needed to be migrated from their previous software: 15,000+ constituents and more than 5,000 donations.