Migrate Existing Static Site to Implement Web 2.0 Features

Screen shot from FastTrackCoachAcademy.com
Short Description: 

Proprietors of conference-call based coach training business realized how much they could get out of a web 2.0 web site that facilitated sharing among their students and allowed their students to create profiles viewable by potential clients. The site design and brochure content was ported from CMSSimple to Drupal 6. The desired web 2.0 features were so much less expensive to implement in Drupal that it more than made up for the cost of porting.

Case Study: 

With Drupal 6, the port from CMS Simple was made easier by the improved separation of content and design. It was amazing how far we got by simply pasting the style sheet from CMS Simple into Zen (a widely used tabula rasa starter theme for Drupal).