Site Brings Professionalism and Flexibility to Small Non-Profit

Jewish Music Commission Home Page Screenshot
Short Description: 

Small non-profit with a lot of events needed a web site that could be easily edited and updated by one senior citizen.

Case Study: 

The Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles gets a lot done with no paid staff. The organization is run by its founder, an 80-year-old, highly energetic retired surgeon, who is totally dedicated to its cause.

One of the biggest challenges of JMCLA was balancing the complexity of the site's requirements with the limitations of its staff's computer knowledge. JMCLA required a fairly complex workflow, especially regarding its events. It needed to be able to publish promotional materials as well as photos and other documentation of past events. The user interface, however, needed to be simple enough for its founder to manage.

Content2zero's specialization in offering customized, ongoing training has been key to the success of the JMCLA web site. Working with Jewish Music Commission of Los Angeles has included phone training, development of screencasts, and creation of paper "cheat sheets" to provide whatever support was needed for JMCLA's founder to add, edit and organize the content as desired.

Of particular interest on the site is a section that displays the profiles of the participants for one of its banner programs. The site is designed so that each of the participants creates his/her own profile, without requiring JMCLA staff time. However, JMCLA still retains ultimate editorial control.